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About IFI

collagephoto The International Fabricare Institute (IFI) has been the premier international trade association for garment care professionals since 1883. With a membership of nearly 8,000 dry cleaners, wetcleaners, launderers, apparel & textile manufacturers, suppliers and other practitioners in the fabricare industry, IFI is the world’s leading professional garment care organization. IFI’s balanced representation of cleaning entities, both large and small, makes it the industry voice.

Through legislative & regulatory policy development, education, professional training, information, garment analysis, research, and textile testing, IFI offers solutions to help member businesses remain on the competitive edge.

Member Services

IFI’s Government Relations program represents member interests at the Federal Trade Commission, EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, and on Capitol Hill. Members benefit from educational events like field and in-plant training seminars, online courses, and the biennial Clean Show. Other benefits include professional Certification programs for dry cleaning, wetcleaning and the environment, as well as Fabricare magazine, Fabricare Resources Journal, publications delivering the latest in cleaning technology and business management. Members also have exclusive access to the garment analysis service at IFI. The International Textile Analysis Laboratory (ITAL) provides unbiased, analysis reports to determine cause of stained or damaged garments in the cleaning process.

Research and Textile Testing Services

State-of-the-art, technical service laboratories establish IFI as the foremost authority on cleaning performance and care label development for today’s fashions. Within IFI’s comprehensive fabricare testing center, apparel, textile & product manufacturers can evaluate apparel and fabrics under Areal world conditions using the latest cleaning technology-Bperc, petroleum, wetcleaning, commercial laundering/washing, and alternative technologies.

IFI’s Quality Control Laboratory provides protocols for dry cleaning systems as well as laundering operations to test quality standards and controls and achieve the highest level of efficiency. IFI Research Fellowships allow equipment, garment and chemical manufacturers to conduct extensive, objective evaluations of quality and performance of fabricare products.

Reprinted by permission of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (formerly IFI).