Channel 7 Honors Heritage Cleaners

Here is what The Gathering Place had to say about their relationship with Heritage Cleaners:

Channel 7 Honors Heritage Cleaners as a 2008 7 Everyday Hero for their work with The Gathering Place.

For the past 4 years, Heritage Cleaners locations all over the metro area have accepted clothing donations on behalf of The Gathering Place. Heritage has cleaned, sorted, stored and delivered clothing to The Gathering Place for distribution to the women and children we serve through Bridget’s Boutique. Last year, we nominated them for a 7 Everyday Hero Award, and are thrilled that they are being recognized for their good work.

We could not be more pleased with our relationship with Heritage Cleaners. Owners Susan and Fred Baker have demonstrated an amazing commitment to the women and children of The Gathering Place, maintaining this program even as it has grown beyond all initial expectations.

Bridget’s Boutique

The clothing program at The Gathering Place, Bridget’s Boutique, has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. In our smaller old building, the Boutique was held approximately once a month. Due to storage limitations, we could not keep the clothing on site at all times, making Heritage Cleaners and their storage even more needed. Heritage Cleaners would make a monthly delivery of donated clothing, and Bridget’s Boutique would set up for a few hours in The Gathering Place.

Since we have moved into our newly completed building, the Boutique has a permanent home on the third floor. Clothing is stored on-site and is always accessible to the women we serve. Client volunteers assist Director of Collaborative Volunteers and Services, Bridget Johnson, with shopping appointments for the women. Since we have moved into our new home, we have seen as many as 50 women daily, and connected them with the clothing they need, whether it is a warm winter coat or a new pair of socks.

Donations of gently used, seasonally appropriate clothing are greatly appreciated, and always needed. If you are interested in making a donation of clothing, please visit a local Heritage Cleaners or call The Gathering Place at (303) 321-4198 for more information.