About Heritage Cleaners

Heritage Cleaners has been serving the Denver area since 1974, providing meticulous care for your garments to keep you looking your best. Our goal is your continued satisfaction. Attention to detail is what makes Heritage Cleaners “the dry cleaner with the difference you can see.”

We operate our own dry cleaning and laundry plants to control quality, and ensure we use the most environmentally friendly methods possible to clean your clothes. This ensures that we maximize cleaning potential, while minimizing the damage done to the environment in the process. Our cleaning methods are safe for the planet, and for people as well! Though perc has been the chemical of choice in the industry for decades, we use liquid silicone instead, as perc is a highly toxic chemical.

Heritage’s service begins with a Seven-Point Inspection of your garments. Among other things, we check for spots, stains, loose buttons and things left in your pockets. Fabric care labels are carefully read and your garment is cleaned using the manufacturer’s specifications. After cleaning, your garment is hand finished by our experts, inspected a second time and finally packaged to keep it fresh and ready to wear.

Your silks, wedding dresses and other fine garments receive special handling, including careful hand finishing and pressing. Coat retainers and pop-on shoulder forms are used to keep suit coats hanging correctly and wrinkle-free.

Sweaters are carefully blocked, de-pilled and packaged in individual bags.

Save time with our Heritage Express service. We provide you with two personalized laundry bags for speedy drop-off and pickup, with the option of having your order already charged to your credit card when you come in to pick up your clothes.

Although alterations can be dropped at any location, our on-site tailors
work at the following locations Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

12482 W. Ken Caryl Ave. at C-470 (Safeway Center)
(303) 948-3395

5910 S. University Blvd. at Orchard (Cherry Hills Marketplace)
(303) 730-0300

If a fitting is not required, you can drop off your garment at any of our

Other services offered include:

  • Oriental rugs hand washed, repaired and restored by a local rug dealer
  • Reweaving service
  • Wedding gown preservation
  • Pillow cleaning with new ticking

You can rely on us for a heritage of quality and a tradition of excellence. Additionally, our repeat customers automatically get 20% off applied to their accounts, so no need to bring in any coupons.