About Heritage Express

No more waiting in line when
you drop off your dry
cleaning and laundry!
Let us save you
valuable minutes with
Express check-in and pick-up.

As a member of Heritage Express, all you have to do is hand your personalized laundry bag to the counter person and leave – no waiting for the ticket to be filled out. The identification tag on the bag gives us the information necessary to process your order.

When you come in to pick up your order, just give us your name – we’ll give you your cleaning and you can get on with more important matters.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you join Heritage Express, you receive two complimentary personalized laundry bags.
  2. Put your laundry and dry cleaning in one of the bags and drop it at the counter – no waiting. Your items will be ready in two business days after 5:00 pm. We have your information in our system so we know your preferences. Keep the other bag at home to collect your next order.
  3. When you pick up your order, just give the counter person your name and he will give you your cleaning. The tag tells us how you want to pay for your order. If you want to save the most time, you can prepay by leaving your credit card number on file. Your receipt will be attached to your order when paying by credit card. Or, you can pay by cash or check.
  4. The benefit to you: time saved – no more waiting while the invoice is filled out, the order rung up, or the credit card transaction completed! You save valuable time, receive two free laundry bags, and the net cost to you: nothing!

You can complete an application at any Heritage Cleaners location – stop by today and sign up for Heritage Express!